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Video Streaming Technology News - November 11, 2021

Video Creation Company Wibbitz Acquired By Streaming Giant Vimeo

This week Wibbitz announced that it has been acquired by Vimeo. The merging of the two brands brings video more enterprise video creation capabilities to Vimeo’s popular suite of online video tools and propells Wibbitz into the record books of successful online video platforms.

Vimeo considers itself the leading online video platform that is all-in-one, meaning you can create, hosting and present video across the web and mobile devices using the Vimeo platform. As of today Vimeo has over 230 million uses and serves video to over 65% of Fortune 500 companies.

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Wibbitz has quickly grown to become one of the leaders in the online video creation space focusing on toolsets and content creation for major global enterprise brands that range industries, including media businesses like Bloomberg, marketing technoloy leaders like HubSpot, and manufacturers like Panasonic.

See other video creation platforms like Wibbitz.

The merging of the two organizations brings more video creation capabilities to Vimeo’s platform while giving Wibbitz customers access to new toolsets and functionality all within (eventually) the Vimeo platform.

According to Wibbitz’s CEO and founder Wibbitz together with Vimeo provide the following capabilities to users:

  • From within the Vimeo platform users will now be able to quickly create professional-quality video content for a wide range of promotional use cases, including social media marketing, webinar promotion and product and service marketing.
  • Now from within Vimeo users have the simple tools to build up impactful video libraries, by creating video content from directly within the Vimeo platform.
  • Video editing capabilities to trim recordings like town halls, recorded webinars, as well as enrich videos with captions and other graphics. 

This new level of enterprise-grade video creation within the Vimeo platform makes Vimeo truly the global leader in online video software.

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