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Video Streaming Technology News - November 12, 2021

Vimeo Scoops Up Interactive Video Software Company WIREWAX

Continuing on their recent acquisition streak, Vimeo scoops up interactive video software company WIREWAX. This news comes out at the same time as it has been announced that Vimeo has acquired video creation company Wibbitz. And, Vimeo isn’t the only video streaming company consolidating and acquiring video technology, last week Brightcove announced the acquisition of interactive video company HapYak.

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Should we call this the great consolidation of online video providers?

More on Vimeo’s transaction with WIREWAX:

Vimeo’s acquisition of WIREWAX adds to it’s growing suite of all-in-one online video tools for the enterprise. This move by Vimeo expands the Vimeo platform by bringing in video creation, editing and marketing capabilities.

See other online video platforms like WIREWAX.

WIREWAX’s enterprise grade interactive video platform provides a drag-and-drop interface will help brands create more engaging, high-quality videos for their marketing campaigns directly within Vimeo. The integration of WIREWAX into the Vimeo stack is designed to help brands drive better outcomes with more creative marketing solutions.

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