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Community Policies - August 5, 2021

Wheel’s policy on Profile Names

On 50Wheel Live, you’re free to choose what you wish to be called so long as your name doesn’t contain explicit content and isn’t used to harass others. Many users on 50Wheel choose to use their real name to provide legitimacy to the content they post and establish a sense of trust with the community.

Please avoid the following when making your 50Wheel Live profile name:

  • Hate Speech/Abuse: We do not allow profile names that contain hate speech or that attack specific users or groups of people.
  • Impersonation: We do not allow profile names that impersonate another user or a public figure (parody notwithstanding).
  • Profanity/Obscenity: Profile names cannot contain profanities, slurs, or other obscenities.
  • Adult Content: Profile names cannot contain explicit adult content.

We will flag any profile names that violate these guidelines. If your profile name gets flagged, your account will be edit-blocked, and you will need to update your profile name in accordance with our guidelines in order to remove the flag.

If you believe your profile name was flagged incorrectly, please contact us at https://50wheel.com/contact.